Wednesday, July 10, 2013

International Relocation Tip #1

Yes, it has been awhile since I have even looked at my blog. So, so, so much craziness and I'm sure it's only going to get crazier. Since I really haven't had time to craft I thought I'd at least share a little of what I've been dealing with for the past few months. This post may not get many views, but I definitely feel better writing it down:-)

Tip #1 and MOST IMPORTANT: If you plan on moving and have a pet you need to get in contact ASAP with a pet transportation company. You may need an RNATT (rabies antibody blood test) for your pet at least 5 months prior to your move. This needs to be done by an USDA approved vet and takes about 2 weeks to get the results back. Then a period of 5 months needs to elapse before we can apply for a permit to even allow our dog into Australia to begin his 4 weeks of quarantine. Needless to say, I did not know this and we are due to move in 4 weeks. Yes, I freaked out when I found this out. Transferring a pet out of the US is a much more complicated process than our relocation company led us to believe. Jetpets, has been very helpful starting this process but it's still going to be a long road.

Check back again for my 457 visa and passport escapade;-)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a creative day:-)


  1. I;m not planning on moving out of the country but this is so something I am going to remember...pets are family so I get it. Good luck!

    1. Thank you! I need all of the support I can get:-)

  2. O My Tammy,
    That's a lot of headache there. But we do all we can for our beloved pets.How in the world did you manage getting out your Etsy orders.I could not have done it. Great job.And anyone that has bought your ribbons knows how wonderful they are. I looked at your business card and saw your Blog. I too have a blog.I now share it with one of my closest friends...Sherry. Come by when you get the chance.
    XXOO Marie Antoinette


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