Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My Birthday Boy

I can't believe that it was 366 days ago I gave birth to my third wonderful child. He is simply my ultimate joy and the answer to my prayers. He is also very representative of his birthdate, July 4. What a happy, spirited, little firecracker:-) We had a perfect day for his first birthday celebration. Warm, sunny weather and no rain for the swim party. I think everyone had a fun time, only a little potato salad and baked beans were left (my mom made enough for 100 people I think). Ryan's favorite gifts were the FP airplane from his uncle who is a pilot and the big wagon from mom and dad.

I wanted to share the cake I made using my Cricut cake. I used the Walk In My Garden cart for the turtle, Nate's ABCs for the letters, and Holiday Cakes for the scalloped edges. I'm not sure how many of you have used the sugar sheets with the CC but I wasn't too pleased. I thought I would try them because they are thinner and don't cost as much as fondant. Well, they kept catching on the blade and ripping. The one thing about fondant is that if it does, you can stop, smoosh it together, and cut again. With the sugar sheets if it rips, you just have to pitch it. After some trial and error, I finished the cake at 2am Monday. I think it came out cute, not professional, but good enough. Have a wonderful day. Thanks for stopping by:-)

What a cheesy smile:-)


  1. good enough to eat...and super cute as well. Great job.

  2. Not professional, are you kidding. It looks fantastic....super cute pic too...TFS!

  3. The cake looks FABULOUS!!!! Happy birthday to that little cutie and I enjoyed seeing your card in the Tacky Tuesday Design team cards on Ruthie's blog! Congratulations again! hugs- Glora

  4. How adorable are all the subjects in this photo! You have a beautiful little boy, and so lucky to get such a darling cake:)

  5. How nice to have given birth on a special day. Independence Day. Happy belated birthday to your baby.
    The cake is so cute. Love it.

  6. Oh his cake turned out wonderful! Happy Birthday Ryan!

  7. Your cake looks so good- and professional to me! Great job! :)Amy


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