Monday, June 20, 2011

Just Wordz Design Team Member

Good morning everyone! Well, I made it through the night with a little sleep. As my head hit the pillow at 3 my DD got sick (if you know what I mean):-P After a couple hours of that, I'm up and ready to let you know that wonderful Kimberly from Just Wordz has asked me to be on her design team for a few months. I think I've lost my marbles:-) I'm not sure how much kind of time I'll get to work on projects. I'll give it my best shot. Check out her site. She will be having tons of fun things going on in the next few months. I hope to not disappoint:-)


  1. Congrats for being asked to be on the design team. That is awesome. I do not get on design teams because I don't like to be told what when how and why to do things. I remember those words from school and for some reason they give me the creaps. LOL. I thought by now I would have over come this feeling.
    Good luck and I am sure you will not dissappoint. Us moms are mutitaskers and can get through a full day with just 3 hours sleep. I know I can.

  2. Thanks Tammy, you will do great...i just love your

  3. Hello Tammy, congrats to you too, this is so exciting, can't wait to get to start working with you and getting to know you :) Hugs xxx

  4. Congratulations on your new DT position.


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