Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Don't Look! Another embarrassing picture;-)

I'm only doing this for the upload on Creations with Christina's blog to show her my punch storage. So don't look unless you're Christina;-) Just kiddin' {snicker, snicker}! 
These pics show too much of my messy room. It probably won't get cleaned up until school starts again and my job as cruise director ends for the year.

I'm with Christina, I love my $1.99 Ikea rails. I wish I could find something better for my punches that don't have those nice squeeze handles. I know some people have "printer boxes" but I just don't have the wall space. I had the builder carve out as much space over one of the garages as he could. My wall only goes up about 3 feet or so and then angles. I am sooooo looking for a good idea, too:-) Thanks for stopping by even though I'm totally embarrassed, again. Have a creative day!


  1. I looked and I am not Christina. LOL I love that she is doing this I am finding so many fun blogs to join.
    I have a question. How did you get to change the font on your blog? I would love to do that to mine. I have to take a picture of my punches so do go there yet. I haven't posted since Saturday. I have been sick and haven't had any energy.
    Love your blog and I will be back.

  2. Hi Tammy...It's Christina...I think I need to invest in one of those carts with the drawers. Love your space my friend. Hugs, Christina

  3. Your punch storage is awesome!! You are soo organized. I need to label my drawers. Great room!



  4. LOL You killed me with the don't look LOL Everyone is going to get in here as fast as they can! I just took pictures of my pathetic storage LOL I love the rails. My walls are all full though. :(

  5. Those rails are awesome. I LOVE it. Mine are all in drawers like your second picture. Maybe I should take a picture of what my craft space looks like so you will feel better. It is about 50 times more cluttered than yours - LOL. Hugs- Glora

  6. I saw the first picture and thought, "wow, she has alot", then I scrolled down and saw you have many more! LOL! Oh the fun you must have! Thanks for sharing!


  7. I have those drawers too, but all of my punches fit in just 2 of them. the newer su punches lay flat and they layer twice on top of each other so 9 of them can go into a drawer! :) the martha stewart and ek punches though...UGH. they're just thrown in a bin on the floor!

  8. I LOOKED!! hahaha
    Your desk makes my desk look like a destruction zone!!
    Love your storage ideas! TFS!

  9. Like the Ikea rails. I should have stock in Rubbermaid since most of my punches & other craft items are in Rubbermaid plastic containers. Posted my photo this morn 6/8/11.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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