Tuesday, March 11, 2014

UFO quilt (doona)

Yeah! I finally finished my quilt (or doona as they call it here) that was started roughly 5 years ago:-P Yes, I bought this fabulous kit from a cute quilt store in Bayfield, Wisconsin while on vacation, pieced it together, and had a very talented lady from church machine quilt it. I ended up storing it in my craft room since my carpal tunnel from pregnancy made it too hard to sew the binding on. My hands still aren't 100%, but good enough that I was able to finish the binding last week.  The rain here was relentless - started the weekend of my big scrap retreat and let up until the middle of last week!  So, I sewed about 1/8 of binding a day and now it's done! I'll be taking it to the cleaners here since the washers and dryers in Sydney are about doll house sized (okay, a little exaggeration).  I'll keep it stored until I get back to the states. Definitely don't need to use it here in Sydney!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a creative day:-)

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