Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Vacation

A definite lesson learned. Always bring a grandparent (or two) when toting a toddler to Disney World. Lots of meltdowns from missed naps. Lots of missed activities from meltdowns (same applies for the two year old;-)

Now that the laundry is caught up and the kids are back in their school routine, I'm heading back to my craft room to relax:-) Here are some pics I thought I'd share:-)

He's making little horns with his fingers and saying "moo"

Was tempted to buy these purple "ears"

{{Teddy Bear Hug}}

 Thanks for stopping by! Have a creative day:-)


  1. Love Disney Land and Disney World at Thansgiving, such beautiful Christmas decoration. Looks like the little one had fun even with the meltdowns. My newphew and his wife and two littles ones were there last summer and they said the same thing about the missed nap. They were ready for a vacation when they got back, totally worn out. TFS!

    1. Exactly! and yes, he had fun at the parks - just not so much with the transportation.

  2. Having older children I can honestly say...been there done that! It does get better with time, but just chalk it up to a great scrapping oppotunity and you can always throw it back in there face when they get older...warning...they'll deny it but you'll have the scrapped proof!
    Hope you managed to get SOME fun in. You have a great pictures!


    1. Thank you so much for your support:-) You are right - It's hard to see the forest through the trees. After a little mom RNR I can see that the kids had fun which is really what matters. I WILL however note in his little scrapbook what a stinker he was - so he knows when he's older and pushing me around in a wheel chair he won't complain too much;-)


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