Friday, September 16, 2011

Dog Gone Fun! Blog Hop Day 1

Thanks for hopping over to my blog. If you came from Jess's blog then you are on the right trail. If you are a regular follower and checking in, you may want to start at Haidee's blog so you can find out how to win a new Apple Shuffle!

This weekend is all about dog rescue awareness. My family and I have rescued two dogs, both of which have since passed away. Banco, my first rescued Westie, was the love of my life. He was the Omega of all Omega dogs. All he wanted to do was run and play. He was rescued by a State Trooper along with his siblings from a truck, possibly from a puppy mill. The driver had no proof of ownership, as well as, the puppies did not look well cared for. The Trooper confiscated the dogs and brought then to the local Westie rescue society. Banco was very sick and wasn't supposed to survive past a couple of years. We had him for roughly 6 years until he developed liver cirrhosis. Our other Westie, Minnie, was taken back by her breeder because the Dalamation in the family was getting into serious fights with Minnie. The breeder, who we also got Banco from, contacted us about Minnie. She had noticed that Banco and Minnie got along very well when they were boarding with her. She thought Minnie would be better with us.

For today's project I made a double-sided Christmas ornament of Banco and Minnie. I used the scalloped and circle Nestabilities dies to cut out the glittered card stock shapes. I used a 1" circle punch to cut out my dogs faces. I adhered each face to the inside of two flattened crafting bottle caps. The silver twine was adhered in-between the two caps and the die-cut glittered CS. I added self-adhesive rhinestones and a wired-ribbon bow.


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  1. LOVEING you project sweet, im so going to make these as xmas gifys 4 family x of my dogs,,lol
    thanks 4 great hope im haveing so much fun on this one
    sandy x

  2. What beautiful dogs! They look so spirited and joyful ... It's a nice way to honor their memory with your ornament.


    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  3. Oh they are so cute! Love the ornament! So pretty! TFs CallyAnn(follower)
    I do not have a pet but we love dogs!

  4. What a super cute ornament! And your dogs are adorable! My pets are my furbabies, so they are super spoiled! I am going to scraplift your idea and try to make ornaments for them this year! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  5. I love these ornaments!!! This year we lost our 17 year old rescue yorky, Kodi. Our 16 year old chocolate lab, Jacob Marley the Christmas Dog and 18 month old Buffy (complications after a c-section). We currently have 4 yorkies - Rascal, Trixie, Biscuit (buffy's sister from a different litter) and Baby Bear.

    We buried Kodi, Jacob and Buffy in our own pet cemetary and placed markers on their graves. We also planted a rhododendrum garden around their graves in their honor.

    Patti Ross

  6. your ornaments are beautiful. i have a little yorkie rescue dog. i've had him for over ten years now and don't know what i'd do without him in my life.

  7. I have been a follower of you site for a while! I am also hopping along with the dog-hop! Love you ornaments and your story....

  8. What a fabulous way to honor our pass son and daughter and I have lost at least one of our fur babies....we have a special place for them in our backyard...and trust two grown children still watch over their this would be so special for them to have to put on their Christmas this idea....thank you so much....

  9. awwww so cute this hop
    thanks for sharing


  10. Awe what a cute idea! Fantastic ornament. TFS joy4umetoo at hotmail dot com

  11. what a great ornament! so pretty! think we may have to make some for the tree this year!!! tfs!

    Have a scrap- happy day,
    Lisa G

  12. Oh this ornament is so pretty, but your story made me cry. I had a dog that I loved who died from Liver Cirrhoris too. His name was Dave. Now I have my 104 pound rescue dog Louie, he is so much a part of my life, he is the "co-author" of my blog!

  13. Tammy,
    What a beautiful momento! It is absolutely beautiful. Your furbabies angels are precious! Also love your blog background!!!
    Barbara B.

  14. Oh, I really love this!! I am going to have to make ornaments for our fur babies this year!!

  15. Ah, how sweet! Your project is precious. I will have to make my puppy Lucie and ornament. I have some framed pictures of her around the house. She is our little baby.

    cherie.goyer at

  16. Hello again, Tammy! I love your Christmas ornaments and the pictures of your little fur friends are adorable!! I have always wanted to have a Westie and will some day. I'll bet you miss them terribly. They are so smart and have such bit personalities. I currently have 2 rescued Greyhounds and 2 rescued cats, all neutered males and they get along very well. After these guys are gone and if I'm able to, I want to look into adopting a Westie. Thanks so much for sharing.


  17. A sweet story and a beautiful ornament to remember your dogs.

  18. I love your color choice for the ornament. You will always have a great way to remember your beloved dogs.


  19. Such beautiful babies! ..I am facing a heart breaking decision with my soon to be 17 year old border collie and it is about to destroy me. We to have our own pet cemetery having lived here for 34 years..

    your ornament is gorgeous!! Simply stunning and a perfect tribute to your babies..

  20. This is the cutest ornament I have ever seen. YOu know now I have to make them for my Christmas tree this year. I love this idea.

    Smiles Sher

  21. What sweet furbabies! Absolutely love your ornament, so pretty!!! :-)

  22. I love the ornaments! Every year I make sure that I do at least one scrapbook page of both my dog and cat. They are my babies!!

  23. Those are adorable ornaments I am a new follower. TFS

  24. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry they aren't with you anymore.. love ornaments! I'm a new follower.

  25. So cute! Adorable pups! I love giving my pup the large raw hide treats! She loves them!

  26. So stinkin CUTE!!!!! I have a tree to put all kind of home ornaments on & guess what I'll be doing??lol TFS your talent & making this a success.

  27. Love all the glitter! We rescued a Pug an changed her name to Mary! She is the sweetest! Once we had a 'puppy party' and invited our friends that had new doggies too! We ate hotdogs and had lollypups and bacon strips for all the doggies! Everything was centered around the dogs! They had fun chasing each other around the fenced in yard! :) Great Fun!

    ~Vanessa W
    baboo7192 at gmail dot com

  28. cute little project! my dog has a myspace. Ive made them little coats and dog beds. THey are so much fun!

  29. Absolutely beautiful Westies and ornament! We hand made a special marker for our sweet Murphy when we lost him:-(

  30. Your ornaments are so creative. I love your color choices. Great job! I don't have a doggie now but hopefully will get one soon. TFS and scrappy hugs!



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