Saturday, December 18, 2010

Missing Gypsy:-(

Well, I was all excited to start making Christmas gift tags when I discovered my Gypsy was missing! I made it a point to keep it in my cross-stitch bag so that it was always with me and wouldn't get lost in the move. I'm fairly certain it made it to the new house but I vaguely remember taking it to to the Honda dealer so I could work on it while my Odyssey was being serviced. I called the dealer today and they didn't see anything like what I was describing but would check the offices on Monday to see if anyone locked it up. I can't tell you how distraught I am. I know I can buy a new one and send it to ProvoCraft to have them fix it so I can load all of my carts again, but that means I'll be without a Gypsy for quite a few months. I'm just sick about it. Has anyone ever lost their Gypsy or am I the only absent-minded brunette?

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  1. Oh I am so sorry. I try not to take my gypsy out of my house because I am an absent minded blonde, that absolutely would leave it behind. I will keep by fingers crossed that you find it. I remember seeing that someone had an amazing deal on a gypsy..I think $100.00. If I happen to stumble upon a deal I will let you know (just in case you don't find yours). Let us know if your girl shows up.

    Big Hugs,


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