Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby Onesies

While waiting for baby #3 I decided to try my hand again at cutting fabric with my Cricut Expressions. I tried a year ago while making an applique quilt but couldn't get it to cut without shredding. I googled many sites to see what other people used for their settings but I couldn't quite replicate their successes. I gave it another try after reading some older posts on She had very different settings and voila! It worked! Thank you Joy:-) These are my first successes. I did use black fabric paint to accentuate some of the facial features that didn't show up as well on fabric as they did on cardstock.


  1. How adorable they are! Great job!
    Lucy Lam

  2. Those are beyond cute!! I was thinkng about attempting this but to scared to try. Thank you for sharing, I think I might try it now ;)

  3. Absolutely ADORABLE!!! XOXO Momo


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